Trey Duval Re-opens Recruitment (UPDATED)


The class of 2017 top point guard Trevon Duval has announced via his twitter that he will re-open his recruitment.




Duval cut his list of schools to ten back in August and then decided to remove UCLA a week later. With schools such as Kansas, Seton Hall, Maryland, California and many others all recruiting the star guard, many wondered why the likes of  Duke and Kentucky haven’t actively recruited him.


The IMG guard recently told USA Today, that since the tweet, Duke and Baylor have reached out to him. After an encounter with an assistant coach who was recruiting a teammate of Duvals, he talked about how the coach insisted that he could not recruit him (Duval) because he knew which college program the star guard would commit to.

Although Duval recently cut his list to 10 schools, he believed that re-opening his recruitment would clear up any rumors and also give other college coaches a chance to reach out to him.

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